How can I be convinced that certain numbers dont give permanent bad luck

Im too afraid to prove myself incorrect since if I begin a new routine on a bad number date, then Im scared itll curse me permanently. I do not know how to stop fearing it. It has me totally incapacitated. Theyre 4 and 9 (Asia), 13, 26 (read a story about it) and 18 (another person had “misfortune” with this number). Im worrying that either God/the universe for some reason made those numbers bad luck for everyone or just for me, and/or many individuals for instance in Asia believing theyre bad luck really provides them unfavorable energy/actually makes them bad luck. Im so tired from all this. Apparently its Pure-O OCD and Im awaiting a med to kick in however I want to begin a new diet however its month 9. Also Im beginning therapy with Talkspace which has 9 letters and I overlooked it initially and now its worrying me out, making me believe that means the therapy will fail.

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