How To Flow With The Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn – An Article

Good morning! Mai here! I spent the last few days writing up this eclipse article and I hope my perspective on things will bring you value and insight! This is a time of release, as the eclipse is conjunct the South Node, so this may be a time full of endings as opposed to manifestations. Don’t worry though! When one door closes, another door opens!

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With this **lunar eclipse** happening so close to [***Pluto retrograde in Capricorn***](, this may bring out intense fears, traumas, habits and addictions that have been plaguing you for ages. Being on the **South Node** end of the eclipse brings out the negativity, and **Capricorn moons** tend to have a need of control over every situation. Being the taskmaster makes them feel secure in their position and their power, but instead of discipline this can manifest as nihilism and a tendency to cut themselves down.

We are essentially “eclipsing” out this negativity so we can start over new, releasing these habits. [***Saturn retrograde***]( is **conjunct** this **South Node**, while also opposing [***Venus in Cancer***]( **conjunct** the **North Node**. This can bring a struggle in relationships. Imagine an alcoholic who is finally confronted by their family and encouraged to attend an AA meeting or seek help in a facility. This puts a strain on relationships, and sometimes even money as **Venus** tends to rule over our wealth. Keep in mind, however, that these relationships and these investments are going towards the **North Node in Cancer**, nourishment that will lead us forward in the future.

Let me know how you’re feeling! This may be rough, but it’s necessary for your growth. Let go!

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