those with scorpio ascendant will notice you before you notice them.. they are the one who seems to always be looking right AT YOU, when you turn to look at them.. the first thing to be recognized, ofcourse, will be their eyes.. not so much the colour, or the shape.. but the DEPTH.. the gaze which penetrates into the depths of ones soul there will be ‘power’ in their eyes and a magnetic quality about their intense stare, that lures you in.. and disarms you, in some fashion or another.. scorpio rising natives have a sharpness to their eyes.. sometimes this may be viewed as suspicion.. and in a way it is... they forever seem to be ‘sizing up’ their surroundings, and those around them they notice everything.. always.. without exception; in their physical environment especially, but also within their energetic field.. in their 3rd dimensional vessel, they can typically be known for having ‘staring problems’ or ‘undressing others with their eyes’.. this can be a turn on if the attention is desired by the object of their attention.. or downright creepy if the attention is unwanted.. some unevolved scoprio risings may be liken to the stereotypical ‘peeping tom’ by some they very much enjoy observing others,but rarely will this be a two way street for the scorpio ascendant native.. another thing one may notice about them, is that their eyes can have a shifty or ‘beady’ look to them.. they may always seem like they aren’t giving the whole story or are hiding some important detail.. one of scorpio rising folks biggest turn-ons is portraying the selves as slick or mysterious... a part of them is innately hidden behind a veil of their own emotional undercurrents.. they feel many things yet rarely, if ever, allow others to have access to their emotional depths.. this is why they can appear secretive scorpio is fixed water, and this energy upon the ascendant dislikes their emotional nature being ‘on display’... the fixed nature allows their feelings to run deep, yet remain still upon the surface.. a lake appears calm upon inspection from afar, but one may never know everything lurking underneath that smooth facade this is the energetic output of those with scorpio on the rise.. one will ‘feel’ them coming.. before they actually make their way to you.. their energetic vibration tends to speak more powerfully than any words they could possibly say.. scorpio rising may have a reputation as being intimidating.. their presence can sometimes be felt even if they are not physically there.. one dares not attempt to defy the scorpio ascendant individual.. they may be the boss that all of the co-workers fear.. or the parent that the children dare not cross.. one may notice themselves tiptoeing around the scorpio rising native.. physically AND metaphorically.. if said scorpio native is not at home, and dislikes dirty socks being strewn upon the floor, you can bet that their housemates will not be leaving any around for potential ammo it isn’t that the native of this placement is intentionally trying overpower or control others in their immediate surroundings (although in some cases,especially if unevolved, they might be) scorpio rising folks just seem to have the word ‘power’ etched into their aura.. they cannot help coming of authoritative or ‘in control’ these characteristics may be watered down a bit if neptune or venus is conjunction their ascendant.. and the individual of this placement may appear ‘powerfully soft spoken’.. the type of fellow who uses not, many words, but when they do speak,you can rest assured that others will listen if a malefic planet is conjunction the ascendant, the scorpio rising native will come off as a force not to be reckoned with.. saturn gives the ‘serious, silent type’.. mars, the aggressive antagonist.. whilst uranus can make the scorpio ascendant appear slightly ‘unhinged’.. pluto on the ascendant may exhibit ‘power play’ type of energy, preferring to intentionally dominate those around them physically, those with scorpio on the rise may appear to have ‘thundery’ eyes.. again, their eyes will remain the focal point, especially upon first meeting them.. their facial expression may seem to constantly be one of seriousness or veiled discontent, even if they are happy.. the smile may not ‘reach the eyes’ in some cases.. and many times it may seem as though they are ‘fake smiling’, especially in pictures.. the facial movements may have a ‘wooden’ quality about them, as if it is unnatural for their face to convey any type of emotion.. ‘stone face’ is a common term we would suggest here these types are excellent at delivering the ‘smoldering’ look to the camera, and this gives them a sultry sex appeal which looks sinister.. a bit dangerous.. this is someone who ‘looks like’ they’d be good in bed.. be them celibate or promiscuous there might be a narrowness to their facial features.. narrowed eyes, seeming to be in a constant state of discernment, a narrowed jaw line, which may seem to always appear clenched... their hands even, may be displayed narrowly as well, as these folks tend to clench their fists alot, many times without realizing it..this may subconsciously suggest their internal power, ready to ‘battle’ and opponent if need be.. also, the arms may be noticeably crossed in front of them when speaking to others whom they do not know very well.. this is a protective posture, subliminally guarding their internal workings scorpio rising natives tend to ‘evolve’ many, many times throughout their lifetime.. they ARE evolution.. this is what they signed up for.. these transformations typically take place within their emotional psyche, spilling outward into their physical environment.. not necessarily in their physical appearance, but more in the energetic way they carry themselves they go through many heavy emotional upheavals, where their character seems to transform every few years or so.. what they desire will be different.. how they behave in public will be different... how they carry themselves will be different one may have known a scorpio rising native from 5 years ago who is not that same person today.. something will have changed them.. transformed them somehow, in any shape, form or fashion you can think of.. the catalyst of this transformation will typically be DEEP.. heavy.. powerful scorpio ascendant folks can handle alot while making it look easy... not many around them will see them vulnerable or ‘weak’ as they handle their tribulations.. this is the secrecy we mentioned earlier.. they play their cards methodically, and hold them close to their heart.. no one will know the next move the scorpio rising native will make until they hold their hand out for all to see.. this is the poker player who seems to get a ‘bad hand’ every round until the end when they win the jackpot.. no one had any inkling of what was going on behind the scenes until the scorpio rising individual made it be known this is how they operate.. calculated at every turn.. cunning.. shrewd in their dealings with others until they make their move.. it is rare indeed to witness this water sign open up about the way they are feeling.. and one ought to feel privileged if a scorpio rising individual shows their ‘soft side’ to you.. these moments may be few and far between.. though when (if) they do open up... you can believe that it will be genuine and also, intense.. be prepared to handle it.. the level of feeling they keep suppressed may shock you scorpio ascendant is deeply sensitive at their core, though externally one may never know it.. they are slow to trust and here is a tendency to brood in their emotions, especially painful ones... they are the type to ‘hurt so good’.. and many may be found listening to heartbreak songs and pining for a love they secretly dont want to have, because if they had it,there would be nothing to pine for the unevolved version of this placement especially may be accused of ruminating in regret, wallowing in heartache and exploiting unrequited love... scorpio risings have a high psychically charged energy about them.. and distant loved ones may ‘feel’ the presence of the scorpio rising when they are being thought of by said individual.. many times the scorpio rising native will resort to sending telepathic mind messages to someone they love, be it consciously or subconsciously.. if you are close to (or have been close) to a scorpio ascendant, you may sometimes know they are thinking of you, even if they are not physically with you.. their strong emotions for you will be relayed instantaneously via the ethers the evolved scorpio rising native is loyal to a fault.. they will literally lay down their life for someone they love.. they crave long lasting commitments and are immensely turned off by frivolities expressed from a potential partner.. these individuals want to possess their partners soul.. they desire an object of obsession and may become ‘addicted’ to their partner in unhealthy ways if they are unevolved scorpio risings will be noticed much more so by their energy than any physical characteristics, aside from their eyes.. their intensity whirls around them in a seductive auric dance, and they may have many admirers around them.. none of whom that spark their interest the scorpio ascendant individual dislikes overt attention from others, and finds ‘open book’ personalities rather boring.. they seek depth in all that they do.. and at parties they are most likely found sticking close to someone they feel close to, or playing with a pet.. those with the sun or jupiter conjunction their ascendant may be more outgoing and talkative than their peers, however they will not be found disclosing their personal information to people they have just met scorpio ascendant folks are the definition of ‘the slow burn’... so being nosy or attempting to pry them open will only trigger them to become arrogant, or push you away.. its best to let them open up organically, which may take some time, but will be well worth the wait their magnetism and depth make them interesting conversationalists once one gets to know them.. and their loyalty and devotion can seem heaven sent.. one cannot ask for a a more doting partner, faithful friend, or protective counterpart.. scorpio rising folks are secretly sentimental, and will remember every detail about those whom they care about.. they are likely to surprise you with your favorite takeout, when you didnt think they remembered what type of food you always crave the natives of scorpio rising are most comfortable among cherished family members and close friends, and enjoy spending quality time with those they care about.. they arent likely to entertain shallow conversations, as they seek depth out of every experience.. they want to know you.. the real you, underneath your human facade one way to tell that a scorpio rising individual is into you, is when they ask you personal questions.. deep personal questions.. not in an ‘im being nosy’ manner, but in an ‘im trying to understand you’ way.. if one is loved by a scorpio rising individual, know that this is an everlasting love and the depth of their devotion cannot even be fathomed by most others they want to know every nuance of someone whom they are interested in.. they want to experience every emotion that is possible whilst traveling in a physical body.. they want to dive deep into the unchartered emotional currents that dwell within us all.. they are the true, natural psychologists, detectives and revolutionaries.. they want to explore every emotion, break it apart, heal it, and put it back together again, stronger than before they are the resilient ones, experiencing their life through emotional intensity... they make seemingly tough times look like a breeze.. their mission is to observe, to understand, to fix, and to transform