I am exploring the different paths of Yoga in order to expand my knowledge in order to teach and sha…

I am exploring the various courses of Yoga in order to broaden my understanding in order to teach and share more. Karma Yoga is really beautiful and is a easy and terrific way to bring more Yoga into our lives. I believe all the courses are lovely and can quickly be integrated and balanced to develop a larger whole, a method of living that advantages You, those around you and worldwide, Mother Earth and deep space. During my yoga instructor training we practiced Karma Yoga through cleaning up the ashram and areas which we didnt necessarily utilize ourselves. This produced a good vibe among us and we felt like part of something larger through this community work. We wouldnt have so much suffering either if more individuals in the world would practice Karma Yoga. To me, Law of Positivism, is my biggest method to practice Karma Yoga, due to the fact that I simply desire to share what I understand and have learned, in order to lift You and bring more awareness to the world. Simply by helping others; our colleagues, household, good friends or total strangers, we are working positively with our Karma. This weekend, while driving in between 2 cities, we selected up two tourists that didnt have a ride and where fed up with walking. Just by doing these little things, we create a favorable vibration in others which will affect the world at big. How do you practice Karma Yoga daily? Repost @law_of_positivism ✨ #karma #karmayoga #yogicpaths #yogini #lawofpositivism #meditation #dailyaffirmations #astrology #numerology # 111 # 1111 # 444 # 222 #mindful #mindfulness #positiveenergy #lawofattraction #positiveaffirmations #yoga #meditation #buddha #buddhism #healingenergy #reiki #kundalini #sohum #moonchild #hippiespirits

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