I can ascribe a neurologically significant number to any word. Try me.

I will transcribe it to a number, and then give a reading based on google results of that number.

Here are some transcriptions Ive done (note, a few of them are jokes i.e. potatoes, penis, radiohead, and nigga, are jokes, but still came out relevant for the a lot of part).

Long story short Ive come up with an algorithm to offer a number to a word. This is not new, as people have done this before i.e.

My algorithm works in a different way, and most likely not return 74 for any of those. The numbers it has returned, have been extremely context conscious to the word.

## Give one word, any word (more effective something arcane).

Give me a word, one word, any word, to decode into a numerological assessment. from conspiracy

” The number 74 and its association to Jesus … In English, the significant number (74) is attributed to AssociatedJOSHUA”= 74 and “Messiah”= 74;.

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