I can ascribe a neurologically significant number to any word. Try me.

Long story short I’ve come up with an algorithm to give a number to a word. This is not new, as people have done this before i.e.

“The number 74 and it’s association to Jesus… In English, the significant number (74) is attributed to “JOSHUA”=74 and “Messiah”=74; also. in the following: “JESUS”=74, “Cross”=74, “Gospel”=74, and even “English”=74.Oct 10, 2012”

My algorithm works differently, and likely not return 74 for any of those. But the numbers it has returned, have been remarkably context aware to the word.

Here are some transcriptions I’ve done (note, some of them are jokes i.e. potatoes, radiohead, penis, and nigga, are jokes, but still came out relevant for the most part).

Give me a word, one word, any word, to decode into a numerological assessment. from conspiracy

##Give one word, any word (preferable something arcane).

I will transcribe it to a number, and then give a reading based on google results of that number.

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