I filmed and had this dream 14 months ago. I believe the new codes are what is in part responsible…

I shot and had this dream 14 months ago. I think the “new codes” are what remains in part accountable for corona infection and the collapse of the systems. Our world has been ill physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. I believe over the next 8 years there will be a great deal of restructuring as we shift from one age into the next. And over the next 8 years consciousness will also upgrade and there will be new paradigms. New lifestyles. New worth systems. A lot of new is coming!!! We are living through incredible times. Go within, feel your feelings, listen to your heart, want to let go of as much as you can, surrender and trust the Divine orchestration of the reality that constantly with collapse later comes restoring, and welllll the best thing truly is to KNOW you are ETERNAL, however you either Know that or you dont. You may desire to contemplate that its not something I think, its something I KNOW. And that does not imply Im going to be Brooke again, or have the same household … I may be a bird, I possibly born upon another planet in another galaxy. I dont understand what I will be, however I understand I am an aspect of God and I am everlasting, and I dont truly care what I am. I just know forever I Am. #iam #psychic #vision #intuitive #empath #psychichealer #eternal #divinefeminine #thegreatawakening #indigochild #newcodes #newparadigmastrology #newparadigms #indigochildrenunite #indigochildrenshallrise #multidimensionalbeings # 5d #newworld #ageofaquarius #aquarianage #matrixhealers #vibrationalhealing #covid #vision #visionary #psychicdreams

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