I know its Ramsey , sorry about the typo, Channeling this one, I found that she is way over her p…

I know its * Ramsey, sorry about the typo,
Transporting this one, I discovered that she is method over her death but she was promoting the truth to be out, she wants everybody to know that it was generally her dads fault for her death, her daddy was involved with filthy cash, some sort of cult like mentality and likewise drugs of some sorts, him and Jon came through with some sort of soul contract to clean out karmically, although she was gotten prior to her time, there was an aspect that she would have suffered for a lot longer due to the fact that of the reality that he had no intentions of stopping this ring he was running with some sort of company partners, dad is really primal in thinking and logical more than psychological and always had viewed her as a meal ticket
Please no rude comments, I am simply a channeler and you can take it or leave it.

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