I looked into IndianVedic astrology and I finally feel understood

A couple of questions: Has anybody else had this experience? How did you make sense of it? How did you start your journey into Indian astrology (I only speak English and much of the resources arent in English from what Ive seen).

Im a Taurus (sun) according to western astrology and I might never determine with being a Taurus. I did a natal chart and everything and still felt like things werent.

I see the rules say no posts about yourself. I am generally trying to ask if other individuals have actually had this experience, I only included my individual background as context. If I should rephrase/repost this, please let me understand. Thanks.

Well Im Indian American and just recently decided to explore more about Vedic astrology. Im stunned! According to this system, I am a Scorpio (moon). Many things are starting to make sense now.

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