I love daisies, such a simplistic beauty. The plant has many magical properties and is connected to …

We see the hand offering us a gift that will lead us to the stunning garden of eden in the background. If we accept this brand-new present or opportunity, then we will pass through the archway and take pleasure in all the luxury and abundance that we see in the Queen of Pentacles and likewise the 9 of Pentacles.
This can also lead us to the discovery and spiritual rebirth in the Sun card of the Major Arcana. Where the lively youth (representing the soul reborn after numerous karmic lessons discovered) trips victoriously on a white horse out of the garden.
But first we should begin our journey, accept the present and begin the work towards our objectives

Lots of opportunities for success and attainment of our dreams and hopes are possible now.
If you are starting a new project or simply have an originality, this is a sign that it might pay off in numerous methods. And become very lucrative for us, in both material wealth and spiritual awareness.
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I enjoy daisies, such a simplistic charm. The plant has many magical properties and is linked to Freya, the Norse Goddess of love and fertility.
It sets completely with the Ace of Pentacles as our #dailytarotcard
This Ace is also about fertility, although not always childbearing. It is the purest representation of the Earth components and represents weath and material gain as well as comfort and stability.

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