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I love the concept behind these words, not so much about being wrong or even right, but being able to speak on your thoughts and feelings in such a clear way that you eliminate judgement and therefore that feeling of being attacked or attacking. Just simply, educating others about ourselves . • We need to first stop assuming that criticism is negative and also stop hiding how we feel and what we think. Sharing is not a personal attack, because it is your personal truth. Yes, people can find it hard to hear certain things that could be deemed surprising, but if you’re feeling unhappy or hurt, letting someone know is key . • Once you know your truth and can clearly speak on it, there is no questioning. There is only elimination or acceptance. Either you find people who are respectful and receptive or you must learn to let go. This isn’t ego, this is strength, and responses/reactions matter more than anything. Being able to say, “I personally felt this way when you did this” or “I can understand what you’re saying but I don’t agree” OR EVEN just admitting that you don’t understand and need more clarity. All important. None of these statements are attacking or accusing, they are inquisitive, communicative. They come from a want to learn, not just to be right. We should want to learn how others we care about feel, we need to be able to hear that without seeing it as a personal attack against us. See conversations simply as a lesson, as an education of selves • • • • • #spiritualawakening #astrology #astrologypost #astrologymemes #soulsearching #zodiacsigns #spiritualgrowth #empath #horoscopeposts #horoscopememes #energyhealing #shadowwork #vibratehigher #meditation #soulwork #higherself #soulcoach #dailyastrology #lightworker #libraseason #raiseyourvibration #healyourself #astrologersofinstagram #dailyguidance #selflove #ascension #healingquotes #changeyourlife