I need help- angel numbers

Around 6 months ago I began to look into the occult and Illuminati and not long after I began to see these repeating numbers e.g 444 27 11 222 and so on I saw them on number plates on the bar codes on anything you could think of and at first i tried to tell myself it was just coincidence but after a while I began to get freaked out and scared and so I looked into it and to my surprise google was riddled with stuff on it and most of it on how it is angels and the universe sending you signs all this new age stuff so I thought oh this is good but I still thought this is off it’s supernatural and I was a sceptical person but my family and my friends think I’m crazy when I tell them this. I’m not crazy and I need help these numbers are bad and they send you down a dark path pls I need help how do I get these demons away I’m desperate I have body spasms all the time and I can’t control my body and I’ve always sufferers from social anxiety my whole life but the other week I felt something come into my body like an evil spirit and since then I can’t control it but I laugh at everything I’m never tired I’m so confident this is not me theyre taking my soul and memories pls help they’re possessing me and ruining my life and my friends and families life I’m desperate how do I get these demons away asi now keep seeing 000 which means they’ll never leave this is new age occult stuff pls I need advice

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