I never had a chance to post the final version of the Moon Meme for last week. Sorry! Today (Tues, July 16) is the date of the full moon and partial lunar eclipse, as well as the Hindu holiday Guru Purnima. I'm teaching a special lunar flow class tomorrow (Wed) eve at Pure Light Yoga (@purelightyoga) in High Point, NC, 5:45-7 pm. It's open to all levels on a donation basis to support continuing yoga education. Join us! . It's a sure thing that this week's Moon Meme will be late. I'm shooting for some time on Thurs. Then this preview will be archived. . Heads up on something else important with the moon this week. Sat, July 20, is unofficial "moon day." The date marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. A giant step for mankind! Man on the moon! Moonwalk! Space race! Big event for politics and science on down to pop culture. . 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝 . This moon phase is mostly about the full moon, lunar eclipse, and its aspects. The moon conjuncts Pluto, which also conjuncts Saturn, a trio that opposes the sun. A full moon is a solar opposition, of which an eclipse is an intense version. Add in Pluto and Saturn and, well, it's we're-not-kidding-around powerful. With matching emotion. . Retro Mercury hits the midway point of its reverse cycle on Fri when the planet reenters Cancer. This is followed by its solar conjunction over weekend. Retro Mercury cycles are good for rethinking, revisiting, remembering, redoing. This is prime time for fixing past mistakes, particularly with tedious tasks that were sidelined. . Over the weekend, there's a pleasant water trine of sweet Venus to the moon that conjuncts dreamy Neptune. Some of the angry, stormy aspects of the solar oppositions ease off. Tap into the universal love and collective unconscious of the harmonious water trine. Let acceptance and kinship replace resentment and isolation. It's a wonderful weekend to spend near water: beach, lake, pool, spa time. . The oppositions of the full moon and eclipse and Mercury meeting up with the sun again are good for gaining perspective. Us and them. Complements and mirroring. If you're not like that and you feel left out . . . . . Continued below 👇