I noticed something interesting about past libra seasons, and possibly this one as well. Could there be a connection

** 2016 ** – Trumps “grab em by the pussy” tape surfaces. This seemed to have no impact nevertheless, however it definitely revealed his character far more clearly.

I should beginning this by stating I know basically * absolutely nothing * about astrology, so I have no concept if any of this might be related. However anyway, I happened to notice that some intriguing events have actually occurred during this time in past years.

So now Im wondering, could there be a connection in between things like these in previous years and it being the time of the scales of justice? I saw another post appearing to relate the impeachment with Saturns position, but I wonder if this could likewise be an aspect?

** 2017 ** – the increase of the Me Too motion and Weinsteins fall.

** 2014 ** – Hannibal Buress brings Bill Cosbys * numerous * claims versus him to light, bringing *** many *** ladies forward, ending with him in prison now.

Then, yesterday there was Greta Thunbergs address to the UN, and * then * impeachment hearings, in addition to Boris Johnsons suspension of Parliament being stated illegal.

Or am I just making patterns out of things as I constantly do?

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