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I was listening to @theastrologypodcast yesterday, hosted by Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan. They refer to July as part 2 of "the meat grinder," with June having been the first part. 😭😂 These aren't astrolgers known for being hyperbolic. For many, June proved turbulent, and July looks pretty wild. We are in the response to January's eclipses, which were a call. Think back to the new year and themes at that time which are again taking center stage. These next two weeks will click up the intensity on those themes. In the podcast, a logical observation was stated, that something like a tense Mars (drive, will, desire, volitility) Mercury (communication, understanding) transit can manifest as a strong outburst for someone with a lot of air and fire in their chart, but become a much needed push for someone with a lot of water and earth. Everyone feels and experiences transits more or less, depending on their own natal chart. Regardless, eclipses bring change to all of us and we are now in the heart of it. With yesterday's eclipse, we are receiving change from what cannot normally be seen and observed by us -- the moon having overtaken the sun. Things in our subconscious or generally out of view -- the same things that only emerge at night -- have appeared during the day, demanding attention. Hang in there. The changes that are happening might not feel good at all, might bring shock or grief, but what needs illumination and to become corporeal so that we can move forward, cannot be stopped. It's a great month to meditate, a lot. . 📷bbc