If youre anything like the people I work with, you might feel a little broken. Like you just can…

If you’re anything like the people I work with, you might feel a little broken. ⁣
Like you just can’t do anything right. ⁣

Nothing works for you like it does for other people⁣

You try so hard but nothing works⁣

You might think…⁣
What is wrong with me?⁣
What am I doing wrong?⁣
And how do I fix it?⁣

Short answers: nothing, probably a few things, and you don’t. ⁣

If you feel like you’re broken and just can’t do anything right, you’re wrong. You’re not broken. You don’t need to be “fixed”⁣
But you’re also right, there’s something you’re not doing right. ⁣

There’s probably a way you do something naturally, a way that works for you. ⁣
And instead of just doing that because it works, you’re trying to fit into everyone else’s view of the right way to do it. ⁣

There are usually many ways to complete a task, and all of them are valid. You just need to find the way you do it and everything will fall into place. ⁣

Maybe you already know what those things are, maybe you want to test it out trial and error style, or you can take a shortcut. ⁣

My favorite resources to use for a shortcut to discovering your natural abilities are Myers-Briggs types and human design. ⁣

Your MBTI type can put into words things you’ve always known or felt, but didn’t know how to express. ⁣

Your human design chart can read your life with almost scary accuracy and guide you to strategies that work best for you as an individual. ⁣

These tools can help you see where you’ve been going against your own natural grain and how to get back on track. ⁣

There are many resources online for learning about these tools, but if you’d like to skip the hassle of looking for and making sense of them, you can work with me!⁣

I offer a personality profile reading where I explain the basics of your MBTI type, human design, and astrology chart. ⁣

If you want guidance on how to apply that information, I have one on one coaching available. It’s a 5 week commitment and if you want in, act fast! I’m raising the price next month!

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