If youre curious about what I do and how I can help you, but dont want to dive all in with a big r…

If you’re curious about what I do and how I can help you, but don’t want to dive all in with a big reading or coaching yet, I have something in the works for you!⁣

Actually, I have three somethings in the works for you 😬⁣

I’ve taken each of the three main systems that I use: MBTI, astrology, and human design, and made a guide for understanding each of them!⁣

If you find these systems to be a little intimidating to break into, or when you get into them you can’t quite find information that you can actually apply to your life, this is for you!⁣

I’ve created a guide for each system that gives an overview of what the system is based on, how to read it, and a key aspect to look at for personal growth. ⁣

These are not guides to things like “here’s what all of the zodiac signs mean” or “here’s a brief explanation of each Myers-Briggs type.” (You can learn those from a quick google search)⁣

Instead they’re guides on how to actually understand and use the systems so that you can more deeply understand yourself through them. ⁣

Presales are open for these guides today! They are $5 each, $12 if you want the bundle of all three. ⁣

When they are officially released prices will double – they’ll go for $10 each, $24 for the bundle

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