Im surrounded by 9 and 13

I will not offer you the long extracted variation but heres a fast rundown of the signficant times these numbers have actually appeared in my life

My father and I share the exact same birthday 1/3
On my dads 13th birthday his sis passed.
I was born 9 days after my due date 13 years to the day of her death.
My paternal grandma died when I was 9 on 4/9.
I adopted a pet dog from the local shelter practically 13 years ago on 4/9 and she was schedule for euthanasia the following day
I had my first date with my partner, 9 years together next year, on 4/9
We had a miscarriage on 4/9
On 9/13 I fell and as a result i have a “uncommon” nerve disorder in among my extremities.

I simply really do not know what to make of all this and would like some assistance on where to begin researching why these numbers are always there.

Im very brand-new to numerology, as in just started investigating a few hours ago new, however I have actually realized really quickly Im surrounded by the numbers 9 and 13.

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