INSURRECTION AT US CAPITOL During Joint Session of Congress to Certify the Electoral Votes

[Insurrection Chart 2:06pm EST, Washington, DC](

*Edit: Sorry, I typo’d the year, smh. Now fixed.*

Chart of the approximate start of the Insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, DC, where the Joint Session of Congress was in progress to certify the election of the new president.

The time is likely iffy. It’s the time that CNN interrupted the live coverage of the Joint Session of Congress (who were meeting to certify the votes from the Electoral College for the presidential election) to announce the events outside the Capitol.

Please remember to keep any comments to the astrology, and not politics.

Some facts:

* Trump held rally at White House (blocks away) just before the Joint Session of Congress began, encouraging protestors to go to the Capitol.
* Protesters broke through the security perimeter of the Capitol.
* Protestors broke through a police line.
* Protesters broke down/through barricade fencing.
* Protesters stormed the Capitol steps, climbed walls, made it to the Capitol’s terrace, and were able to enter the building.
* Protesters made it to the doors to the House floor. Armed confrontation.
* One protester made it into the chamber and sat in the chair where Vice President Pence had just been conducting the session.
* One protester made it into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office and left a message on her desk, sat in her chair, with feet on desk. Photos made.
* One woman shot in chest, in critical condition. *Update: She has died.*
* Protesters broke windows in the capitol and climbed in.
* No message from the President to leave, only one to be nice to the cops.

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