Interesting how Saturn turns direct and impeachment hearings are announced

Saturn is currently moving through its ruling indication of Capricorn. Saturn enjoys being in Capricorn and is able to reveal its purest and truest energy in this sign. The South Node, which is a mathematical point in astrology linked to the Moon, is also currently in Capricorn, and as Saturn stations direct is going to line up with the South Node.

We can think of Saturn going direct as the start of a new Saturn cycle and a brand-new round of lessons. ** Saturn is in some cases described as the Lord of Karma and while all of Saturns lessons can be deemed karmic in nature, this energy is now being amplified. **.

Saturn stations direct on September 18, 2019, after being retrograde given that April 29, 2019. You can find out more about the lessons and energies of this Saturn Retrograde here, however as Saturn begins moving direct it is going to bring a brand-new vibration and a new set of lessons to deal with.

Saturn turning direct seems to correspond with impeachment being revealed.

Intuitive Astrology: Saturn Direct and the South Node 2019

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