Is anyone else ready for Jupiter to leave its home in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sag brings over abundance. I eat too much. I consume excessive. I spend excessive. Now as an outcome, Im the heaviest Ive ever been and close to the poor house. (Im by no means huge however Im petite so the gain access to weight has no where to hide and Im prepared to cut my boobs off.).

Sag sun here and Im prepared for Jupiter to GTFO. (I am mindful that Jupiter doesnt rule my chart as its not the judgment planet of my increasing indication.).

The last time I was the heaviest I had ever been was the last time Jupiter remained in Sag in 2006/2007!

Im beginning to take the control back. My diet plan was on point this week, there was no drinking, and I return to work tomorrow. (I got hurt at the start of Jupiter retrograde.).

Anyways, just questioning if anybody else was all set to live a more well balanced life or if its just affecting me this method.

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