It is neverending

Hi everyone. I wanted to discuss a topic with you that I’ve been thinking about mostly during this retrograde.
I see a lot of posts here about “How has a certain transit been treating you” // anyone feel a certain way? ”
I see a lot of people cling on to astrology like a form of salvation from a burden. I’ve read my fair share of books and materials and from my experience it’s a good tool to know yourself better, but definitely not something to fanatically dive into everyday. I wanted to say this as just a suggestion probably. Don’t compare yourself or rely on other people’s situations that you see here. Your life is a personal experience no matter how close your natal chart is to someone else is.
On a more astrological side, the “bad” transits will always be there, ongoing. Don’t wait for them to end, learn from them. Most importantly listen to yourself, body and spirit. There lie all the answers. There are many gifts in your natal chart that you will carry all your life. Learn to use and improve them, instead of waiting for a certain period to end.
Have a nice day and smile often!

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