Its the first day of the New MoonI find it easier to stick to moon cycles than months as its co…

✨It’s the first day of the New Moon✨
I find it easier to stick to moon cycles than months as it’s consistently 28 days. Plus I don’t work 9-5/regular hours so ays and dates become somewhat irrelevant. The moon phases intuitively sit better with me and allow you to clearly plan and evaluate your time. As a quick breakdown;
– There are 4 quarters to the cycle, each a week long (neat af)
– The first is about planning and starting on your goals etc for the ‘month’
– The second is about highlighting what stands in the way of you and these goals – The third (full moon) brings a chance to release any blocks still in your way with some extra magic help – The fourth lets us tie up loose ends, look back on what’s worked/hasn’t, and think about our next cycle

Today I’m cleaning my physical and mental space before I dive into this cycle (hopefully with some more direction and drive) since there’s still no events to make installations for and no flights to Cambodia 🤙🏼

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