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It’s very important to focus on what you’re doing this week, with diligence and presence and the will to see your conscious efforts all the way through. Mercury has gone retrograde, and all the expansive growth you’ve undertaken in recent weeks requires another look. It’s possible that certain important steps you’ve achieved will need revision. Consider what the word ‘revision’ means. It’s not so much about correcting anything so much as it’s about having another look and seeing what you see. Some of this need for more tweaking results from the fact that there are many changes of direction this week. Planets turn around and that reflects the need for the same here on earth. If you resist the urge to go back and review your current position, you just might end up swimming in circles, and you know how fruitless that can be. ♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️ Pisces- for awhile now you have felt something inside of you. You’ve had thoughts about it time and time again, but with the eclipse and all of these planets in retrograde you see the issue at hand now. This is something you’ve gone through before. But will you make the same choice? Or take a new path? Only you know the answer to that. But you’ll need to take a hard look at what will affect your future and what is temporary. #cosmiccconsciousness #astrology #astrologers #cancerseason #love #peace #happiness #eclipse #eclipsehoroscope #zodiac #horoscope #spiritual #spirituality #pisceshoroscope #divinewisdom