July 30 One of the things that 2019 has drilled into me is that we cant wait for the lives we wan…

July 30 — One of the things that 2019 has drilled into me is that we can’t wait for the lives we want. The immediacy of Uranus in Taurus paired with a shell-breaking Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn means that a lot of our “status quo” needs to change this year.⁠

So here we are, the Sun making something called a square to Uranus today. There’s an electricity in the air. We’re feeling restless. We’re ready to turn things upside down. ⁠

The term “yolo” comes to mind with this astrology, a “you only live once” mentality. What’s your yolo? Is it a sudden decision to do ____ ? Is it walking away from something? Is it walking TOWARD something. Yolo. Uranus would approve.⁠

If you’re on Facebook, I’m doing a Facebook Live today at 6 pm EDT (that’s 3 pm Los Angeles, 11 pm London, 8 pm Sydney on 7/31). In it I’m giving a preview of August’s astrology, but also shedding more light on what this Uranus energy wants from us right now. If you can’t watch the live feed, you can catch the replay on my YouTube channel linked in my bio.⁠

I go more in depth about this in today’s #astrodaily on my website, empoweringastrology.com. And don’t forget, you can book a consultation with me! Click link in profile to learn more about my services.⠀⁠

If you are in AUSTRALIA or NZ, this forecast applies for the following day.⁠
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