Jupiter will be retrograde from 514 – Sept. 13. It will be in the earth sign of Capricorn until 62…

Jupiter will be retrograde from 5/14 – Sept. 13. It will be in the earth sign of Capricorn until 6/22 and move back into the fire sign of Sagittarius on 6/23. It wants us to prosper and expand our horizons mentally and spiritually. For the next 5 weeks, it’s time to review our personal, financial and professional goals, and our romantic relationships. —————————————————
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Were you working long hours before Covid; relying upon excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol, food, etc. to deal with the heavy stress? Were you living beyond your means, and feeling undervalued and underpaid in your professional life? Good news is on the horizon. Jupiter has your back. And it’s asking us to modify our behavior, and create a support network to help each other move forward in a healthier way. —————————————————
Are you in a relationship that has been put on hold since Covid? Never fear. Get some coaching and guidance from other people who are living in the solution. Open your heart and share your truth, so when things move forward you’ll have clarity regarding your wants and needs, and feel more confident about your partnership.
Jupiter wants us to succeed and grow spiritually, so we can make a bigger difference in the world. When we appreciate our abundance, and maintain a heart of generosity, it naturally flows into our lives. Let’s take some time out to enjoy nature, and unplug from our digital media, so we can begin to dream of a new and exciting future.
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