Just had the most intense meditation in my life. I projected and was given a lot of information – …

I also think it is important now to see us as not just Earthlings that need to come together, however beings of deep space.
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Just had the most extreme #meditation in my life. I Was and #projected offered a lot of information – I do not even remember all of it. One of the #visions I got was the #rune #OTHEL which was reversed.
Maturing I never truly used traditional runes. The ones I used were called the Healing Runes so there the sign indicates Grief. When I looked it up in my other book the significance was startling when you relate it to what we are handling presently as far as #covid 19. People want to start opening back up, but if this doesnt lend a caution, I do not know what is. “Difficulties come across through attempting to advance too quickly. Advancing in haste might permanently damage the outcome of the relationship or issue at hand.” I likewise got the date of May 13. I do not understand what it is about so lets send some additional #reiki to that date in addition to our ongoing #distancereiki to the world. I feel we might be getting some news that day about moving on.

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