Learning dedication to detail. Learning to patiently focus in stillness before taking action towards…

Learning devotion to information. Finding out to patiently focus in stillness prior to taking action towards purpose. PROBLEMATIC: Skipping actions that would be important in our process. Misguiding oneself and claiming inner harmony, yet confusing (the lack of) authentic body signals to act with mind that wants to act, which may quickly move us out of the circulation. Hurrying into action without proper preparation and without having the information together– hence squandering energy or having improper timing. PRODUCTIVE: Really finding out to focus in stillness. Proper examination and preparation before doing something about it. Learning to sit still and to concentrate on the information instead of hurrying into action too quickly. Learning to make peace with periods of inaction and with detailed and concentrated attention. Absence of tension or pressure. Check Out the FULL WEEKLY HUMAN DESIGN & & ASTROLOGY REPORT LINK IN BIO!

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