LEO DIVA OF DESTINATION TRAVEL Date range July 23 – Aug 22..The planetary ruler of Leo i…

♌ LEO ♌ “DIVA OF DESTINATION TRAVEL” (Date variety: July 23 – Aug 22) … The planetary ruler of Leo is the sun, which translates to them having a desire to shine as vibrantly as they can during their travels. ☀ They are the self procliamed “divas” of the zodiac – their younger enthusiasm, integrated with their fiery personalities, result in holidays that include: health club days, luxury travel, fine dining and unbelievable experiences! This would include: dancing, attending music celebrations and going on Safari Taking outstanding travel photographs comes naturally to them, choosing whimsical and popular travel destinations for their memories ✈ ❤
They are likewise drawn to cultural and artistic destinations: going to the theater in London, flamenco dancing in Madrid and going to the Russian ballet are all activites they will take pleasure in! ✅ Their # 2020 travel advice: think about planning a romantic vacation with your partner, or a solo trip to celebrate caring yourself! … So, what do you believe
Leo? TAG your Leo besties if this uses to them! #browngirlstravelling #Leo #thetravellerszodiac #astrology #zodiac #horoscope.

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