Leo Tarot Card of the Month – Children of the Voice DivineYou dont have to take on anything new. …

Leo Tarot Card of the Month – Kid of the Voice Divine

You dont need to handle anything new. If you do, you can have limits with how you do it. Its crucial that you offer yourself consent to concentrate on the things that bring you delight instead of just things that make you seem like youre showing yourself. Let the stars be your guide and get ready for an effective July.
Profession: Cut, tidy and revise; these are the finest things to do this month. Cleaning your desk, and emptying your inbox, examining formal documents and crossing your Ts and dotting your Is will be a terrific use of your energy. Networking with your colleagues would be your finest bet if you are looking for a brand-new task.
Love: Balancing both your expectations could get challenging– can you take care of your partner without sacrificing your own needs and desires? Have you hurried into a relationship without outlining exactly what you both requirement? Press pause and ensure both of you are clear on the terms of engagement.
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