Leo Weekly Love Energy.26th – 1st SeptThis is a collective reading so may not resonate with a…

🃏 Leo Weekly Love Energy.
(26th – 1st Sept)
🌸This is a collective reading so may not resonate with all.  Check your Moon or Venus sign for more🌸
🌟 Lots of signs seem to feeling a little stuck right now, you’re all on the precipice of a personal change but it’s hard to feel excited about what’s ahead when you don’t see enough of what’s coming. Perhaps you are feeling blocked from what you think you need in moving forward. Or perhaps you may be blocking messages from your intuition on what you could do to move things along in a healthy way. It seems in matters of the heart, some of you may be avoiding attachment and are not ready to commit following a recent distruption that’s left you questioning ‘which way forward?’. You may not see the progress you’ve made but you’re going through a personal transformation and often that starts with everything you thought you knew, being turned on its head. Change is coming and you may sense it or perhaps you’ve been feeling like it’s time to bring about a big change in your life. If things have felt crazy and you know your choices have led to issues, this is letting that negative crap go and branching out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been hoping for a soulmate, someone you can connect with on a deeper, more meaningful level, their arrival may be dependant on what you’re ready to release. Perhaps you see hope on the horizon but you’re just not ready to release someone or that someone was (is)a soulmate and therefore you are unsure if you should. There will be an opportunity to get to know someone better soon, be it getting to know this person better or someone entirely new. Most importantly, you’ll be getting to know yourself more intimately, what is it that lights you up and who lights you up? Get your explorer hat on Dora, your new adventure awaits.
🌟 Energy of Pisces & Scorpio present.

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