LIBRA – MAYThis month libra you are blessed with the theme FAIRNESS On a very general …


This month #libra you are blessed with the theme “FAIRNESS” ✨

On a very general level most of you this month are going to get your cake and eat it too. For someone very specifically, I sense a divorce or legal proceeding coming through in your favour and by goddess is the result good! This is pretty much going to be a great month for all of you. There is a finalisation of some paperwork, projects or disputes and you will be treated very fairly and not a moment too soon. While you may not be judge, jury and executioner you will find the universe is in support of you and things are likely to go in your favour and you will definitely feel a sense of justice for what has occurred. Your pride can now begin to be rebuilt. Just be patient however, this energy is slow moving this month but you cannot rush this process. ✨
Have a blessed May! 💕

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