Life path 112 The inspiration teacher. Top 5 strengths Intuitive, Inspirational, uplifting, peace…

Master numbers 11/2 is a greater vibration of number 2, so incorporates everything that number 2 represents in addition to the included bonus of the number 11.
One of these is the ability to boost and motivate others. As 11/2 is likewise the variety of “illumination “,11/ 2 individuals are often on a journey of individual advancement to find who they are and to find their own truth. They pass their wisdom on to others to help them also become lit up as soon as this has actually been accomplished.

Obstacles: Insecure, Intense, delusional, manipulative, self harmful.

Life course 11/2 The motivation instructor.
Top 5 strengths: User-friendly, Inspirational, uplifting, peacemaker, insightful.

11/2 are thought about the most instinctive of all numbers. When 11/2 can master their level of sensitivity, keep a healthy level of self esteem, and over come the major life lesson of number 2, they start to step into the complete master number power of 11/2.
Famous life course 11/2 Robert Downey Jr, John Cusack, Michael Jordan, Al Gore, David Beckham, Prince Charles, Barrack Obama, Harry Houdini #lifepath 11 #masternumbers #inspirational #illuminate #trustyourintuition #numerology 1 1 ❤.

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