Life path 7s are the truth seekerTop 5 strengths Independent, intuitive, analytical, intelligen…

Life path 7s are the truth hunter

Life path 7s are the reality hunters of the world who need quite time alone to contemplate the significance of life & & end up being an expert in their craft.
Whether their alone time is spent meditating, unwinding, gardening or just puttering around, its vital to their wellbeing & & helps keep them centred.

Difficulties: Secretive, untrusting, pessimistic, intolerant, protective.

Leading 5 strengths: Independent, instinctive, analytical, intelligent, curious.

Even though they were born to discover the tricks & & secrets of deep space & & to discover spiritual fact, they skeptical by nature & & form their beliefs entirely through personal experiences, some 7s are atheist who believe that there is no spiritual reality.
Famous 7s: Muhammad Ali, Johnny Depp, Jerry Seinfeld, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Princess Diana, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas. #lifepath 7 #numerology #sevenwonders #intuition #spirtuality #true 7.

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