Look Here Aquarius Risings Opinions Needed

In honor of Aquarius season, I wanted to know if any Aqua risings agreed with the statements listed below concerning their appearance/mannerisms. Please include your decan if you want more details!

Mental Qualities: Kind, humane, retiring, client; fond of literature and science; frequently a great vocalist or artist; quiet, pleased personality; love for humanising environments, pursuits, and influences; very fond of a couple of individuals; exceptional pals. The native is impulsive, enterprising and energetic; is talented with fine intellectual and useful qualities, and has a strong personality. He understands precisely what he wants; his concepts are securely established, and my incline him to be self-opinionated.

” Physical Qualities: Aquarius gives a high, complete figure with a great stature and well-formed body; a fine, ruddy or clear skin; blue or brown eyes; light-colored, brown or flaxen hair which quickly ends up being thin, specifically on the temples, but in ladies tends to be extremely plentiful and can be of a gorgeous blonde color; an oval-shaped face; flaws in the teeth; produces the second finest types of beauty after Libra.

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