Looking for information about number symbolism in Japan or Asia

For example, the number 4 in Japanese remains in many situations avoided because of it having a shared reading with the character for death. I desire to get my hands on more details where numbers have this kind of meaning.

I could utilize both product in Japanese and English and any pointers are significantly valued! I ought to possibly point out however that the details should preferably be as clinical, or a minimum of as trustworthy, as possible.

Books like The Japanese numbers game: the usage and understanding of numbers in contemporary Japan have been of assistance to me, however I wish to get even more in depth details about this subject if possible.

I am not sure if this falls straight under the classification of numerology, however I figured people around here probably have excellent understanding about numbers in different cultures as well.

What I am looking for is books, short articles or websites that go over the meaning of numbers in Asia, or more specifically, Japan.

Thanks in advance!

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