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Moon into Taurus

The moon today will square Pluto then Jupiter in Capricorn, bringing stress and anxiety around the current circumstances. Then after going void of course for the afternoon, generally typified as a time of not getting things done, or things worked on not coming into fruition, the Moon will enter Taurus.
Taurus is the sign of the Moon’s exaltation, ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus. Unfortunately, as soon as the Moon enters Taurus she is square to Saturn, who represents lack. After separating from the square in the late night/early morning hours, she applies sextile to Mars.
This is called besiegement, when a planet separates from one malefic and applies to another. One way of looking at it is that things go from bad to worse. It seems that the next twenty-four hours will bring up conflicted and confused emotions.
The relief? The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is moving into her second square with Neptune, which goes exact tomorrow. We talked on Friday about the fog that she is in. You can steer firmly into the challenges and keep your wits about you, or close your eyes and stop your ears and ignore the situation. By Thursday the Moon will choose to ignore it all.
But in the meantime, a clearheaded assessment of the ephemerality of emotion can be an analogue for the ebb and flow of life. Perhaps the barometric pressure will be released with purifying rains tomorrow when the Moon meets the sky god Uranus.
The image I get is of a kid headed off on the adventure of the first day at school, only to find out that there is no school. (Yes, that really happened to me.) Then after waiting diligently outside the locked door, two bullies steal his lunch money. (No, luckily that never happened to me.) #joyvernontarot #joyvernontarotandreiki #joyvernonastrology #astrolimerick #astrologicalmemes #astrologicalforecast #astrology #horoscope #limerick

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