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Magician Tarot Spread Hello here the 2nd layout for  22 grand trump tarot cards, the Magician. tarot card . Its the Fool continuing his journey thru major arcane tarot card, always a new adventure for him. I thought to create something unique . Since i had some down to create unique tarot spread i will do 22 grand trump card . I will post another one soon as the days go by. COME ,  see what the Magician  has instore for you. Sometime its great idea to find confidence, with what magick you know, each of us has special talents to handle all of the 4 elments. COME , See where your heart takes you on this journey of self understanding.This Magician  card come from Ellen Dugan witches  tarot set.such a beautiful card.. I added 4  elemental gemstones Rose quartz : water, emotions,intuition Tiger eye : Fire: desire ,motivation.  Air: Citrine : communication, creativity Earth: Aventurine :  grounding, balance. Spiritual growth. Blessings of love and light . Hugs -n If you'd like A free tarot reading, private message me. #tarotcards #tarotmagick #tarotspells  #forevrgoddessboutique #wiccanboutique #tarotfooljourney. #magiciantarotspread