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♂️ Mars in Leo – Lights, Camera, Action! ♌ . Mars will be moving into Leo later tonight, ushering in a drive to work towards recognition and a battle for the spotlight. Eclipses are already dramatic enough, but now people may feel the desire for gossip and communication (Venus in Gemini) with the drive to fight battle after battle in order to have their voices heard! Or, you know, start drama, especially if it revolves around the family. . This can give a strong ego, as Leo is ruled by the Sun. When the eclipse hits and puts that ego on blast, effectively blotting it out and “eclipsing” it in favour of the moon’s subconscious needs, we may see some people desperately crying out for relevancy or attention. If you start feeling agitated or impatient, remember that these are turbulent waters we’re treading. Let the storm pass by first. . Follow your heart and act with the pride and confidence of 1,000 suns! . 📚 Read the full horoscope on my blog! Link in profile! . 🔮 Want your own personal reading? DM me or visit my store at