Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius.You may have heard the Great Conjunction is coming lat…

Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius!
You may have heard the ” Great Conjunction” is coming later this year. ( 12/21/20)

It’s a big deal ushering in the beginning of a new paradigm for how we organize our Social Lives worldwide.
Now, with Mars joining Saturn till mid May, we will get hints on how this paradigm will manifest through 2023.
Mars needs a MISSION, in Aquarius its all about the collective needs and energies, about the future and innovation, tools and technologies that focus on how groups can interact in an egalitarian way. Its freedom – but restrained, especially with Saturn here. ( social isolation will lead to massive innovations)

If you have planets or chart angles in early Aquarius, or the other fixed signs, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio you will benefit from, from creating focused strategies incorporating outside the box thinking-in regard to where you’re going next in your life. These are UNPRECEDENTED times and It’s time for a whole new life…this you will see by end of this year
Art by @dawnaquarius

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