Master numbers

So according to numerology, I am a master number 22, “the most powerful number of them all”. For the most part, my life has been difficult, mostly because I find myself trying to fit in with society and I just can’t. I’ve always been the weird one in every circumstance, and there are things that I understand which I find to be completely obvious to everyone else, and it simply isn’t. I’m the middle child of 9 and I’ve always been the most different one. I’ve had trouble understanding that since I was very young, but later I realized that I just understood things in a different, maybe broader sense than most people. I do not consider myself “a genius”, if at anything I had trouble concentrating in school. I can’t seem to take action until I understand how THE WHOLE thing works. I don’t know if any other MASTER NUMBERS out there have experienced this? Is this normal for people who have a master life path number? Or what have you experienced that have made you feel innadequate or different to what “The norm” seems to be?

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