Mercury Retrograde – Current recommendations amp the Why Lord Why of it, to understand its lessons better. Sorry about emoticons, Moon is in Aries amp I blame everything on that

Mercury, the planet of communication & thinking continues to be in watery sign of Cancer 💦 . It can keep us under the water ⛈ a bit, as emotional sensitivity in discussions is still high 😭. Even though it’s come out of inferior conjunction when Sun met Mercury on 21 July 🤝 transferring wisdom to start seeding for the future! Even then till about 31 Jul – we would still find our minds having to deal with what’s it bringing up from beyond 👻

If you find yourself going in circles of the past 🥴 , I highly suggest a few past dates 🗓 at the bottom of the post which can give you a key.

I thought I will make a quick post to see why this planet goes retrograde three times a year, disrupting our schedules 🚆, breaking talks 😱 , pulling us under the astrologically foggy weather of the mind 🌫

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The Why Us Lord Why Again bit

Mercury is normally retrograde in holiday season 🥳 , I guess it’s not a coincidence as these holidays are centuries old & well observed. It’s literally holiday of logical mind or left brain because Mercury goes where we normally don’t go in our day to day life. We notice things we missed out before & our deeper motivations surface from recesses of our mind, we didn’t know existed 🏴‍☠️
We face many realisation, epiphanies, dramatic confrontation to unlock that “Do Not Touch!” Door of our mind ☠️

Past comes only to be released 👋 or to teach us what we might have forgotten as a lesson from the past.

Our mind is reborn 🤰 and we go through a growth period with each retrograde.

The Current Moment –

The phase of mercury retrograde we are in now, we are supposed to lay the ground work for the new. In water sign like Cancer, Mercury retrograde tests & enhances our emotional responses to impetus, challenges, stresses – twist & turns. Advisory is generally to watch out for over reaction to moods, feelings & anxiety. Listen to subtle messages as our feeling function is enhanced. Outer chaos is meant to replace internal calm so we can listen to our own instincts & voice versus external brouhaha . Water sign retrograde is always about emotional growth & I know we all have had it with the growth but it’s a step back to equip us to handle what’s about to unfold in a stronger fashion.

Sometimes anger & hurt emotions are a bigger force than logical thinking – sometimes we need to face where we got hurt to get ourselves out of there cause no one else gets us out of Mercury retrograde – we only do. It’s a mighty push-up with our thousand pound heart riding on us, & we are in last stage of lifting off a weight.

Yet if it’s got you going in circles – look at past cause every Mercury retrograde builds upon the lessons of past one. Doesn’t mean past repeats itself , no, growth is a progression – not a stuck record blaring our mind. But we forget – we forget the lessons of past which we were supposed to use this time. Life is a lesson but memories are short. That’s why God invented email and iPhones – we got memes, emails, texts to refer back to . I just normally pop these days in my gmail with syntax of “before:” and “after:” in gmail search box – I always find an email I needed to read.

🗓 Past dates – 27 Jun – 21 Jul 2013
🗓 And if you are old enough like me 🙌 – 4-29 July 2006

That’s it, rest we ride, we sharpen our emotional responses to impulses that are presented to us. Cancer Mercury retrograde always happens when we are about to pop something or someone – it’s like the 41st week of pregnancy 🤰 & we are almost there my dear ones 💕 Prevail!

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