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MERCURY RETROGRADE JULY 7TH - 31ST. As we enter Mercury Retrograde and move through eclipse season its almost as if the universe is handing us this big test to see if were gonna get caught up in the seduction of nostalgia and reminiscing of what was - or use it to empower and motivate us moving forward. The energy is strong for lingering in the past, holding on to old emotions and the potential for getting stuck is at an all time high. We have a total of 5 planets in retrograde motion currently and the coming Lunar Eclipse is going to further solidify the opportunity for us to see things from a higher perspective and let go of burdens from the past. . . MERCURY IN LEO Leo's tend to have a natually alluring and magnetic personality and they truly lead others from their heart. The playful, creative, energetic and ingenuity of Leo is something we all can be grateful for this season. It can help us reexamine what really makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Hopefully not take life so serious right now and use this energy to refine our passions moving forward. Even though we may get blasts from the past we are determined on living our best life so were not getting tripped up in anything messy this season. . . Mercury rules how we percieve and interpret information that we receive from our environment. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, mistakes, technology mishaps, travel delays are typical. In order from losing your mind this retrograde remember to be patient with yourself and others. With Mercury visiting Mars right now - asking for clarification can prevent tension and useless arguements on account of misunderstandings. Uranus causes a bit of tension too making the environment ripe for sudden changes and unexpected news that may switch things up on the quickness. Staying calm and flexible is key moving forward. As with all planetary energies, make use of it, so you dont get used by it. You're in control. . . 📸 @indg0 #mercuryretrograde #astrology #release #lettinggo #mercuryrx #eclipseseason #retrogradeseason #staycalmandcarryon #thestrangehaven