meta Does anyone else feel like…

There are a thousand questions that get posted with some personal anecdote, then asking if everyone else feels the same way?

Been feeling so anxious lately, anyone else?

Almost all the comments on these types of posts end up being one of two things

1) OMG yes!! I literally thought I was the only person in the world who was feeling anxious right now. So validated!! Astrology is real!


2) Nope. I’m actually feeling better than normal.

It’s almost like we all relate differently to the current transits based on our natal charts and life experience. Crazy, right?

Anyway, I propose that any question along those lines gets banned because it provides fuck all in terms of meaningful discussion, nobody leaves those posts with a deeper knowledge or appreciation of astrology, and it really only serves as a echo chamber for people that want to vent and whine about life.

I am all for these types of posts, *if your post contains some kind of connection to astrology*.

Posts like, “Been feeling so unmotivated lately. What’s going on in the sky?” should be auto banned unless you yourself propose some connection to astrology and ask for deeper insight into that connection. “Sooo tired and lazy, what’s up with the stars?” Surely it’s not just you being an entitled piece of shit, has to be something in the sky we can blame. As for what’s going on with the stars, why don’t you get off your lazy ass and find out?

Anyway, anyone else feel the same? What’s up with the stars that made me post this weird rant?

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