Mid July 15th-31st reading for LEO.Okay Leo, so theres something or someone you really want to …

Mid July (15th-31st) reading for LEO
Okay Leo, so there’s something or someone you really want to go towards right now. You know exactly what you want but you are holding yourself back, for some reason. Some of you may be dealing with a long distance type thing at this time. There is quite a lot of frustration around this because there appears to be a lot of barriers or concerns preventing you from making progress here. I will say however that as the month goes on, you seem to be speeding up; the limitations may even be largely imposed on yourself, perhaps. This may not be apparent at first, so look carefully – there may be a lot more room to move than there first appears. Where are you refusing to compromise, or perhaps overcompromising? I feel like I need to remind you that you are, in fact, the master of your life. And that’s a good thing. I think you’re going to be quite content to go with the flow once you fully realize this, and that would be a very good energy to use at this time. I do see that in the last week of July you could be feeling like you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, Leo, and that might have you a bit confused. You may also be outshining certain people around you, which could be one of the reasons you’ve held yourself back here earlier – you don’t feel comfortable rocking the boat with your whole, unapologetic identity – and you could realize at this stage that you can’t hide forever. Stepping into your full power can be quite scary, Leo, but you’ve got to do it. And once you do? Your path will be clear. Step it up, Leo.
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