Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, July 2021

Cancer is a sign that’s all about caring, nurturing, and protecting, and during Cancer season, you’re called to consider how well you’ve been caring for yourself, dear Aquarius. Wellness is on your mind, and you’re reflecting on your habits. You’re analyzing your daily routine and figuring out how it can be better organized. Your focus is also on your day job and work projects, and how to better manage your to-do list. In your love life, you and your partners are figuring out your schedules and how you can best support each other on a day-to-day level. 

July is off to an intense start as Mars in your opposite sign Leo opposes your ruling planet Saturn, which is currently in your sign, Aquarius, on July 1. You’re setting important boundaries at this time, but setting limits can be hard, so be gentle with yourself and take things slowly. Relationship issues are especially tense right now as people might feel stifled or rejected, and there may be an air of pessimism. This heavy atmosphere transforms as Mars squares off with your other ruling planet Uranus, currently in Taurus, on July 3, finding people eager to break free from limiting circumstances. An unexpected change may take place at home, in your personal life, or in your relationships. 

Easier energy flows as the sun connects with Uranus on July 5: A brilliant problem solving moment arrives, and it’s a great time to switch up your routine or change a habit. Watch out for confusion on July 6 as Mercury in Gemini clashes with Neptune in Pisces. Frustrations that came up during last month’s Mercury retrograde might be revisited. Also on this day, Venus in Leo opposes Saturn, again creating an air of rejection and deflation. Venus is all about attraction and desire, but Saturn’s limiting influence means people might not be getting what they want. If desires can’t be met, we’ll come up with new ways to enjoy ourselves as Venus squares off with Uranus on July 8. This may make for a rocky atmosphere in your relationships, but breakthroughs could take place as people experiment with new ideas.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on July 9, finding you establishing new habits and committing to a new routine. You may be starting a new project or gig. If you’re looking for a job, this new moon could mark the beginning of a new employment cycle. You’re completing paperwork and getting reorganized as Mercury enters Cancer on July 11, and on July 12, Mercury connects with Jupiter in Pisces, which bodes especially well for conversations about money. A new journey begins in your relationships as Venus meets Mars on July 13: Your partners are in a playful and affectionate mood, and if you’re looking for love, this is an exciting time to meet new people! Leo rules the heart, and at this time, you’ll learn a lot about what’s important to your partners. You’re also learning about what you’re looking for in relationships: someone with passion, loyalty, and a big heart!

An energy of abundance flows as the sun connects with Neptune on July 15: Your creativity can make nearly anything happen, and things seem to just fall into place! A powerfully transformative atmosphere arrives as the sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 17; it’s a potent time to kick a bad habit or make any kind of big change. Letting go is hard and you might struggle to release the past at this time—control issues often flare up when Pluto is involved. Still, it’s a powerful moment for letting go, if you’re ready, Aquarius!

Mercury connects with your ruling planet Uranus on July 20, bringing unexpected news—a eureka moment may help you figure out your next steps. Venus enters Virgo on July 21, finding you reflecting on the give-and-take in your partnerships. You’re especially appreciative of partners who really show up to invest in you. Actions, not words, are what you’re looking for at this time. A gift may come your way, and financially, you could find yourself addressing issues regarding debts, taxes, or inheritances, or working with investors.

The sun enters Leo and lights up the relationship sector of your chart on July 22, making it an exciting time to connect with new people and strengthen the bonds you already have. Also on this day, Venus opposes Jupiter, bringing an over-the-top, fun atmosphere! Generosity abounds, and some exciting news about money may arrive…just try not to spend too much!

A full moon in your sign, Aquarius, arrives on July 23, marking an important turning point in your relationships as you realize something about yourself that you couldn’t figure out until now. This is a powerful moment for release, and while astrologers often call you cool and aloof, you’re fully in your feelings during this full moon! You’re clearly understanding what’s important to you, realizing what you want in relationships moving forward. You may be ending a partnership or reaching an important compromise. Mercury connects with Neptune on July 24, finding us all leaning into our intuitive abilities—this connection inspires your creativity, helping you break out of artistic ruts, and dream up ways to build wealth and cultivate abundance. 

Important information might surface on July 25 as Mercury opposes Pluto, but watch out for power struggles and communication difficulties, especially when it comes to planning and scheduling. A shift in energy arrives as Mercury enters Leo on July 27, boosting communication in your relationships. Lucky Jupiter re-enters your sign after a brief journey into Pisces on July 28, creating an expansive atmosphere. You’re feeling optimistic, excited to explore the opportunities opening up before you! Your competitive side appears on July 29 as Mars opposes Jupiter, and you get a big boost of energy as Mars enters earth sign Virgo, also on July 29. Mars in Virgo finds you tackling financial issues, especially things like debts and taxes, and emotionally, you’re cutting yourself free from the past. 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, see you in August!

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