Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, July 2021

The sun in Cancer illuminates the sector of your chart that rules wealth and security, finding you focused on making money, budgeting, and protecting your assets. You may be acquiring something very valuable, or assessing what you’ve already got. While you aren’t an especially materialistic person, Cancer season finds you reflecting on how to protect your sense of stability and security, especially when it comes to finances.

Action planet Mars is in Leo at the start of the month, firing up the communication sector of your chart—but you may run into some obstacles on July 1 as Mars opposes Saturn in Aquarius. A great idea you have might be rejected, or a conversation you’re awaiting may be delayed or shut down. Mars clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, currently in Taurus, on July 3, bringing some unexpected information. All in all, the best way to handle this week’s energy is to be patient and cautious.

The sun connects with Uranus on July 5, inspiring a problem solving energy—but frustrations and miscommunications that took place during last month’s Mercury retrograde may resurface as Mercury, currently in your sign, clashes with Neptune in Pisces on July 6. Also on this day, Venus in Leo opposes Saturn, making it an inopportune time to ask for favors. Don’t try to sweet talk your way into anything, Gemini! Batting your eyelashes won’t work right now. It’s a difficult time for communication and people are grumpy. Luckily, the chance to try something new and unexpected arrives as Venus clashes with Uranus on July 8. With so much heavy energy early this month, people will be eager to experiment and try new things. 

The new moon in Cancer on July 9 activates the financial sector of your chart, marking a new cycle in money and security: It’s a powerful time to plan a new budget or consider how to create a more comfortable life for yourself! Mercury enters Cancer on July 11, bringing news about money and finding you organizing paperwork concerning cash, security, and your belongings. Exciting news about your career may arrive on July 12 as Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter in Pisces! Jupiter is all about opportunity and possibility, so a very optimistic energy flows. Venus and Mars meet on July 13, beginning a new and exciting conversation: You’re realizing what’s truly important to you at this time, and it’s a powerful time to discuss things with your partners. 

The sun connects with Neptune on July 15, inspiring a rush of creativity that bodes well for your career—people are totally entranced by your talent and glamour! Just watch out for big egos and financial struggles on July 17 as the sun opposes Pluto on Capricorn. Communication breakthroughs may arrive on July 20 as Mercury connects with Uranus, and a shift in energy takes place on July 21 as Venus enters Virgo, bringing a sweet energy to your home and private life. You may decide to redecorate your space, as you want to be surrounded by beauty at home. This is a lovely time to entertain guests and grow closer to your loved ones and partners. 

Leo season begins on July 22, the same day Venus opposes Jupiter. Leo season shines a big spotlight on the communication sector of your chart: Information may be coming your way or you might be sharing something important. A special reward or celebration could be in store as Venus opposes Jupiter—enjoy! Just try not to over-indulge. The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius arrives on July 23, bringing a climax to a conversation that’s been building. Full moons often reveal new information or help us gain a new perspective, and you might find that this is especially true for you at this time. If you’re traveling, in school, or working on publishing something, this full moon will likely be an important turning point. 

Easy energy flows around communication on July 24 as Mercury mingles with Neptune: Inspiring conversations regarding your success and career take place! But watch out for tense conversations on July 25 as Mercury opposes Pluto; again, power struggles and control issues may surface. Any research about money or security may yield important results: Pluto is all about what’s under the surface, and when your ruling planet, inquisitive Mercury, is around, no stone goes unturned!

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on July 27, kicking up communication and finding you tackling paperwork. You’re likely connecting with your neighbors and neighborhood, as well as your siblings, if you have them. Lucky Jupiter enters fellow air sign Aquarius after a quick dip in Pisces on July 27, bringing exciting opportunities your way. You’re interacting with inspiring ideas, perhaps diving deeper into a subject you’re eager to study. This is an exciting time for travel, school, and publishing. Mars opposes Jupiter on July 29, stirring up a competitive atmosphere—watch out for arguments and exaggerations. Also on this day, Mars enters Virgo, energizing you to tackle issues regarding your home and living situation. You may be moving or renovating at this time, and Mars in Virgo might also find you addressing issues with family or housemates.

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in August!

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