Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, February 2021

Aquarius season finds the sun lighting up a very private, sleepy sector of your chart, dear Pisces. You might be in a shy mood at this time, and may be especially invested in exploring your spirituality, connecting with your intuition, and even diving deep into therapy. This is a powerful time for endings and letting go—your birthday is around the corner, and when your personal new year begins, you’ll want to be free of whatever’s been weighing on you!

The sun clashes with Mars in Taurus on February 1, which may make for an argumentative energy, but it’s also a powerful time for you to gain clarity and get the answers to issues you’ve been trying to understand. Also on this day, Venus enters Aquarius, which puts you in a private mood when it comes to dating and romance: A secret getaway with a lover may be in order! You may also find yourself wanting to catch up on time alone—or feeling especially grateful for your partners who know the value of comfortable silence. Venus in Aquarius can be an aloof vibe, but it’s also an imaginative one: Use this energy to explore your hidden desires!

Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius on February 6, which may find you setting firm boundaries—it’s not the coziest moment, but it is a solid time for setting standards! Venus clashes with Uranus in Taurus on February 7, bringing surprising thrills and information. An unexpected secret admirer may say hello, especially as Venus moves closer to lucky Jupiter.

Mercury is retrograde for much of this month, finding you in a forgetful mood, but an important perspective arrives—perhaps in a dream—as the sun meets Mercury in Aquarius on February 8. Also on this day, Mercury clashes with Mars, finding us all in an impatient mood: Don’t make promises you’re not ready to keep, Pisces! As quickly as we want to move things forward, Mercury retrograde suggests that reviews and renegotiations are in order. Much that you weren’t aware of may come to the surface.

A lucky new moon in Aquarius arrives on February 11 as Venus meets Jupiter in the sky! New moons are fresh starts, but they can be daunting, too—things are so new that we might have a hard time imagining what the future will bring! It’s like the anxiety of showing up at a new school…will the school lunch be terrible? Where will you sit? What will the people be like? It’s a fresh start, but there’s so much to be discovered! Darling Venus meeting your ruling planet Jupiter adds some glamour and good vibes to this otherwise mysterious new moon energy. Metaphorically, you might feel like you’re walking into a new school, but you’ll certainly be wearing the coolest outfit as Venus and Jupiter sparkle together in the sky!

Mercury also meets Venus on February 13, creating a fun, social atmosphere, but you may feel like some people are whispering behind your back—it’s OK, they are probably saying good things (Mercury might like to gossip, but Venus is nice, if a bit lazy and decadent)! Plus, if they have nothing better to do than talk about other people, they must not be very interesting!

Mars mingles with your ruling planet Neptune (which is in your sign, Pisces) on February 14: Mars is all about the chase, but Neptune encourages this warrior planet to win people over with poetry rather than aggression. This should be an exciting time in your social life and around communication. Also on this day, Mercury meets Jupiter, bringing a big boost to your intuitive abilities.

One of the most critical days this month is February 17, when Saturn squares off with Uranus. Saturn is all about rules, but Uranus is the rebel—to say structures are changing is an understatement! When heavy planets like these square off, society as a whole undergoes massive transformations. Out with the old and in with the new—the way we did things in the past no longer works, and a major update is taking place! Your way of thinking and communicating will undergo major shifts at this time and you’re likely to hear unexpected news.

The sun enters your sign on February 18: Happy solar return, dear Pisces! Your birthday season brings an uptick in your vitality and puts you in a fun, outgoing mood, less shy than you’d been during Aquarius season. Venus squares off with Mars on February 19, inspiring a fun and feisty atmosphere, and Mercury retrograde finally comes to an end on February 20, easing up miscommunications and delays.

Venus enters your sign on February 25, finding you feeling especially charming and charismatic. This is a wonderful time to attract and seduce, whether you’re looking for a partner, falling deeper in love with someone already in your life, and even outside of your love life—at business meetings, sales pitches, or wherever you end up, Venus’s glamour helps you convert anyone to your side! February 25 also finds Mars connecting with Pluto in Capricorn, marking an impactful moment in your social life where intense but important transformations take place in the circles you belong to; you may also connect with someone very powerful at this time. Also on this day, the sun connects with wildcard Uranus, bringing unexpected news, and perhaps finding you making an unexpected detour in your commute or making an interesting discovery in your neighborhood. A surprising message from a sibling could arrive, if you have one. On a personal level, you may realize something unexpected, and your point of view is changing. 

The month wraps up with a full moon in your opposite sign Virgo on February 27, bringing a critical climax in your relationships! Pisces season is all about you, but this full moon is all about partners. You’ll likely learn something interesting about someone you’re in relationship with, meet someone intriguing, or possibly let someone go. A release is taking place, and how it will play out depends on your personal situation. Virgo might be your opposite sign, but you have something key in common: your love for helping others. Mutual support is a major theme for you at this time! 

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in March!

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