Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, February 2021

The sun is illuminating the communication sector of your chart, Sagittarius, but connecting isn’t easy as the month opens with Mercury retrograde, bringing delays and miscommunications, and the sun clashes with fiery Mars in stubborn Taurus on February 1, bringing argumentativeness, impatience, and big egos. Fortunately, sweet Venus also enters Aquarius on this day, bringing a cool and easygoing energy to communication. Venus in Aquarius is charming but detached, intellectual, and community-minded.

That said, watch out for a grumpy or even snobby atmosphere on February 6 when Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius—this is a great day to discuss standards, commitments, and future plans, but it’s not the coziest atmosphere. A shift in energy takes place as Venus clashes with wildcard Uranus in Taurus on February 7, bringing a change in your routine. Experimental ideas are broached!

The sun meets Mercury in Aquarius on February 8, a notable moment during its retrograde journey when previously missed information may resurface. Watch out for impatience and short tempers on February 10 as Mercury squares off with Mars. Scheduling difficulties have been so annoying during this retrograde for you, Sag, and you’re at your wit’s end. Fortunately, a lucky new moon in Aquarius lands on February 11, marking the beginning of a new conversation! A mental reboot takes place and you’re feeling intellectually refreshed. It’s a great time to take a break from screens, to meditate, and do whatever else helps clear your mind.

Charming Venus meets jovial Jupiter in Aquarius during this new moon, bringing lots of sweet messages your way! It’s a great time in your social life. On a more mundane level, shifts in your local neighborhood are likely to take place, too. It’s also a great time to connect with your siblings if you have them. On February 13, Mercury meets Venus, bringing a fun and social atmosphere! Mars connects with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury meets Jupiter on February 14, finding people in an open-hearted and open-minded mood! You’re feeling nostalgic and may be revisiting the past in some way, which is actually a great way to work with Mercury retrograde!

February 17 is one of the most crucial days of the month as Saturn clashes with Uranus—this is major! The rules are being rewritten, society is transforming! Saturn is the planet of structure and tradition, but Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and the future: Things won’t be the same! Your daily routine is about to undergo a total transformation. This could mean that you’re getting a new day job or moving; your everyday scenery will likely be very different once things settle down! The way you communicate is likely going through a big change, too. The way you understand the world is totally changing!

Pisces season begins on February 18, finding the sun lighting up the home and family sector of your chart, and shifting your focus to themes like family, privacy, and comfort. Venus squares off with Mars on February 19, bringing some flirtatious banter your way! Mercury retrograde finally ends on February 21, pushing conversations forward.

February 25 is one of the busiest days of the month as Venus enters Pisces, finding you eager to redecorate your home, and Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn, which bodes well for your finances and productivity! Also on this day, the sun connects with rebel Uranus, finding you switching things up at home and in your everyday routine. An excellent problem-solving energy flows—Uranus is all about upgrades, especially the technological sort.

The full moon in Virgo comes on February 27, bringing a major climax to your career or life in public. Reward or recognition may arrive! Full moons are especially energizing times, but they can also be deeply emotional and signify a release: You might be done with a project or role, and as you release things into the world, you’re feeling grateful for the experience and sentimental about moving on. 

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in March!

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