Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, February 2021

The sun in Aquarius finds you firmly focused on your career, and you’re pushing obstacles out of your way on February 1 as the sun clashes with Mars, currently in your sign. You’re a patient, considerate person, Taurus, so people can sometimes be surprised that you can be aggressive. But you’re really digging your heels in at this time; you know what you want and you’re going for it!

Venus also enters Aquarius on February 1, bringing blessings to the career sector of your chart, some rewards and recognition may be on the way! February 6 may have a tense and gloomy atmosphere as Venus meets Saturn, but some fantastic long-term plans that benefit you professionally could kick off at this time. You’re making unexpected moves and investments on February 7 as Venus clashes with Uranus, currently in your sign. Other people might not understand your vision at this time, but does it matter? You believe in what you’re doing, and you’re eager to experiment, resisting anything or anyone who tries to limit you at this time.

Mercury is retrograde this month, finding you picking up projects that were on the back burner, reconnecting with old bosses, and doing your best to smooth over miscommunications and delays. An important perspective or piece of information arrives on February 8 as the sun meet meets Mercury retrograde, and Mercury clashes with Mars on February 10, which will speed communication up a bit—but swiftness doesn’t mean competency, especially during Mercury retrograde. Also, watch out for arguments! People are in an impatient mood, and sharp words could be used out of frustration.

A new cycle begins in your career and your life in public with the new moon in Aquarius on February 11, which also happens to be the day your ruling planet Venus meets lucky Jupiter in Aquarius! New moons are fresh starts, but they can be frustrating because there is so much up in the air. For you, Taurus, this will be a great time to brainstorm ideas concerning your career and see what gets a good reaction! Even if you can’t imagine how it’ll all turn out, Venus and Jupiter’s meeting bodes well for big, awesome opportunities. Mercury retrograde also meets Venus on February 13, finding you running into people from the past and revisiting old conversations. Some credit that you were due might finally arrive!

Mars mingles with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury retrograde meets Jupiter on February 14, making for a compassionate, broad-minded atmosphere: An “anything is possible” sort of energy flows. Mars is the planet of action and when it makes a helpful connection with magical Neptune, things click into place easily—you’ll especially notice this play out in your social life at this time. Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter bodes well for your career, as a message could be shared far and wide…but will it have all the correct data? Possibly not, thanks to Mercury retrograde, so double check your messages before you hit “send.” You can always send a correction! 

One of the most critical days this month is February 17, when Saturn squares off with Uranus! This is a majorly transformative moment, and the rules are being rewritten: Saturn is the planet of structure, but Uranus of chaos! Things are being reworked in unexpected ways, especially in your career. Breakthroughs are taking place, which could find you with even more autonomy.

Pisces season begins on February 18, finding the sun illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your social life: This is an excellent time to network, and to connect with people who share your hobbies or are involved in the causes you are passionate about. February 19 finds Venus squaring off with Mars, making it an exciting moment to make a move or “chase” what you want! 

One of the busiest days this month is February 25, when Venus enters Pisces, Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn, and the sun connects with Uranus. Venus in Pisces is fantastic for your social life; you’re feeling popular and having an easy time connecting with people. Mars and Pluto’s connection also finds you making great strides toward goals you have concerning school, travel, or publishing. The sun’s connection with Uranus inspires flexibility and creativity, and will likely find you connecting with unexpected and eccentric people.

The month wraps up with a full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo on February 27, which is sure to be an exciting moment in your social life. A situation that’s been brewing will come to a climax! A creative project you’ve been working on may be released, or something extraordinary might be revealed in your love life. Full moons are high energy and exhausting: You might be up all night partying (virtually, please!), but you’ll need plenty of sleep the next day.

Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in March!

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