Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, August 2021

Leo season encourages us to do what we love most, and for you, dear Virgo, that means getting away from your busy schedule to reconnect with yourself and nature. Astrologers call Virgos the helpers of the zodiac, since you’re often so willing to be of service to others, but rest and relaxation are crucial for your wellbeing, and carving out time for yourself to do nothing (or to do plenty, but just for yourself!) is exactly what’s called for during the season of the lion.

Important information or an intriguing perspective arrives on August 1 as the sun meets your ruling planet Mercury, currently in Leo. Pay attention to the intuitive hunches you get during this time. While your inner voice may have plenty to say, August 1 does bring some tension as Mercury opposes Saturn in Aquarius, followed by the sun opposing Saturn on August 2, which might delay or frustrate communication, commutes, or your schedule. Don’t overbook yourself, and maybe save important conversations for another day. 

Venus is in your sign at the start of the month, finding you in an especially charming mood, and you’re enjoying unexpected thrills as Venus mingles with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus on August 3. It’s a fantastic time for adventure! Also on August 3, Mercury clashes with Uranus, which could bring unexpected news from abroad. August 6 also finds the sun clashing with Uranus, finding you exploring an unexpected place, situation, or idea. You may decide to take an impromptu trip or find yourself engaging with an usual concept! Uranus is all about the unexpected and you’re in an experimental mood at the time, eager to break free from the old ways of doing things.

The new moon in Leo arrives on August 8, encouraging you to slow down, rest, catch up on quality time alone, and take a break from your everyday work. New moons bring new beginnings, but you can’t start this new journey without taking some time to recharge. August 9 is a sensitive day as Venus opposes dreamy Neptune in Pisces: Venus is the planet of love and money, and as it opposes Neptune, the planet of delusion, confusion about these themes may arise. As a practical earth sign, it’s unlike you to idealize people or situations, but you might want to check in with yourself about how your wishes (or fears) impact your relationships. Avoid making important decisions at this time. Focus on the present rather than on possibilities. Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aquarius on August 10, bringing lots of exciting communication and big plans, but it’s likely that some ideas will be too fantastic to be executed, especially as Venus opposes Neptune.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign, Virgo, on August 11, bringing you a boost of mental acuity and putting you in a chatty mood! Venus connects with Pluto in Capricorn also on this day, inspiring an intensely passionate atmosphere that’s potent for connecting with your lovers, and for creative breakthroughs! Love and money planet Venus enters Libra on August 16, making it a lovely time to give gifts in your relationships, and possibly bringing some financial blessings your way!

Your ruling planet Mercury meets Mars in your sign on August 18, which could mean the start of an exciting new project. You’re feeling motivated and taking charge! You might be feeling more argumentative or impulsive, too. The sun opposes Jupiter and Uranus begins its retrograde on August 19, inspiring a lucky atmosphere and finding you eager to escape your usual routine. The sun opposite Jupiter might find you rewarding yourself with some much deserved time off, and Uranus’s retrograde brings surprises.

August 22 brings a full moon in Aquarius, bringing a shift to your schedule. You may be kicking a habit at this time, releasing an important project, or completing a gig. This is a great moment to get rid of extra clutter and reorganize everything including your closet and workspace.

Virgo season begins on August 22: Happy solar return! Your season is here, and you’re feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the next year. August 22 also finds Mars connecting with Uranus, finding you in an experimental and freedom-seeking mood. An unexpected trip may take place! 

Venus and Saturn make a harmonious connection on August 23: While taskmaster Saturn isn’t Venus’s favorite sign to cozy up to, when these two planets work well together, a solid atmosphere for making plans and setting boundaries flows. While Venus and Saturn’s connection inspires stability and encourages us to consider long-term plans, things are a little hazier as Mercury opposes Neptune on August 24. Something might be very clear to you but completely confusing for your partner, or vice versa. Watch out for miscommunications. A stronger energy for communication flows when Mercury connects with Pluto on August 26. Important information may be revealed at this time.

The month wraps up with Mercury entering Libra on August 30, finding you focused on money. You may be handling paperwork involving your finances or belongings, and subjects like income, wealth, and security are on your mind. As much as Libra loves luxury, it’s ultimately the sign of balance, and as logical Mercury moves through this air sign, you’re reflecting on your bank balance, budget, negotiations, and how communication plays a part in managing your wealth and sense of security.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in September!

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